Episode 13 – You’re the man – Fix It!



“Call the Guy!” Are these the words of the defeated weekend warrior or the nagging partner watching handiwork turn into a dog’s breakfast?

In this episode we challenge the male ego. Does having the male anatomy equate to technical ability with all things powery, buildy and fixy? How many nags does it take to get a household job done and how much does it cost to have it re-done after being botched?

We talk to Lewie, a registered sparky (the actual guy you call), and Leon (the guy who helps those who refuse to place that guy call). We take it to the streets to find out the mood of the populous and we compare the size and flexibility of our slide-rules in this journey through household functionality.

00:27 Intro with Pete & Elliot

06:44 Leon from Bunnings tells it like it is about weekend warriors

19:06 Lewie the Sparky explains how not to die by calling the guy

30:52 Taking it to the streets

37:43 Summary and wrap up with Pete & Elliot

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