Discussion Topics

The whole point of this show is to air that which vexes, annoys or confuses you without any reprisals, or, if it creates great radio EXTREME reprisals.

The following are some of the topics we intend to cover in the coming weeks. We will be bringing in experts, both official and self-proclaimed, to throw fuel on the fire of controversy we create.

Are we simply lobbing social grenades? You bet we are!

  • English literacy, is Gen Y killing it or murdering it? (Done)
  • Why is reality TV so often mistaken for reality? (Done)
  • Hair! Is is overrated? (Done)
  • Fat, Fabulous & Funny (Done)
  • Is Pokemon Go an Alien plot to abduct our youth? (Done)
  • What are you doing that you probably shouldn’t be doing at your age? (Done)
  • Middle Aged Sex! (Done)
  • Why is every other driver on the road such a bad driver? (Done)
  • Ban the bum crack! (Done)
  • My smartphone is making me stupid (Done)
  • You’re the man – Fixt It! (Done)
  • Bicycle laws and policing?
  • Equal opportunity between sexes doesn’t mean double standards.
  • Movies today have “lost the plot”. Where did the romance and magic of Hollywood turn into superhero movie number 18?
  • Should people who are famous only for being famous be court ordered to learn and apply some form of actual entertaining talent before being allowed to cash cheques?
  • Motor bikes and scooters misbehaving on our roads (and footpaths, transit lanes, bicycle lanes, parking spaces).
  • Why does TV journalism have to be a race to the bottom in truth, integrity, plagiarism and repetition?
  • Why does the NRL even bother with the scrum according to the current rules? How stupid do they think we are? How stupid are we actually?
  • Money in sport has killed all integrity and standards of behaviour.
  • Election voting rules and preferences need to be brought into line with reality. Should terms of office be increased to 10 years?
  • Should rap and hard core punk be excluded from being called music?
  • The state of dress for young girls when out in public is seriously in need of a societal standard overhaul.
  • The drinking age should be raised to 21.
  • One tattoo per person limit and nothing that is visible when wearing reasonably decent clothing.
  • All female newsreaders & reporters must be over 50.
  • Bike riders and taxi drivers: yes or no fines for not wearing underarm deodorant/
  • Manners: are they a waste of time?
  • Are millennials the final generation?
  • Piercings on men over 30 to result in immediate imprisonment.

If you have additional topics we should cover, by all means use this form to submit your ideas…