Episode 8 (Part 2) – Middle Aged SEX!

Continuing on from Part 1, which by the way was our most EXPLOSIVE episode ever, we continue to probe the nooks and cranny’s of Middle Aged Sex. Special return guests in this week’s episode are Bettina Arndt – Celebrity Sex Therapist and Author, Lawrence Jay from “Our Secret Spot” and expert on the current Swinger Lifestyle Scene….

Episode 7 (Part 1) – Middle Aged SEX!

From erectile dysfunction, what surprises lurk under a Scotsman’s kilt, right through to the escapades happening weekly at Swinger’s Clubs, we uncover and probe the nooks and cranny’s of Middle Aged Sex. The plethora of exciting and fascinating (in fact quite COMPELLING) material has made this a 2-part episode. This is Part 1. Special guests…