Episode 6 – What are you doing that you probably shouldn’t be doing (at your age)?


Most of us are growing old disgracefully; much to the embarrassment of our children. So, what are you doing that you probably shouldn’t be doing at your age?

Would the list be easier to create if perhaps we ask what is NOT appropriate for the middle aged? Note: see skinny jeans. This episode we’re all about age appropriateness. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of disapproving glares from the kids and shameful head shakes from your wife (or husband), we’re here for you.

Special guests in this week’s episode include a mix of our regular commentators, Yogi and Anne (covering the female perspective), and an age appropriateness expert, Dr. Jo Thomas, to discuss age appropriate activities,  older men jogging, age appropriate social media activity, and the strict, unspoken rules of wearing jeans.

Tune in now.

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

  • Getting on a bicycle (Lycra optional) and jogging without prep is definitely age inappropriate (as dictated by our resident expert Yogi)
  • By the time you hit your late 40s to early 60s, you’ll need to catch up on your health with some regular rhythm of exercise and a check up with your local doctor
  • We cannot stress enough the social repercussions that come with wearing skinny jeans – wearer beware!


Thanks for listening!

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