Episodes 5 – Why is Reality TV so often mistaken for reality?


We’re discussing the love hate relationship with reality TV this week and why you hate reality TV, except for the reality TV you secretly love.

You may start off thinking it’s a waste of time, but then addiction hits and it becomes like visual nicotine. Even though we all know reality TV does not indeed imitate reality, do we really? Shows like Teen Mom, Sister Wives, and basically anything from MTV nowadays rates so well. But as we scratch our heads wondering what these names mean, we also ask our selves ‘WHY’?

With the help of a Kardashian fan, Lisa Hilton (no known relation to the Hilton sisters), blog queen of reality TV, Emma Ashton, one of our regular commentators, Susan Werkner, and our special caller, Michael, we uncover this particular mystery of the universe with our usual flair for irreverence and entertainment.

Tune in now.

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

  • Sister Wives is not a show about wives who also happen to be sisters – for more information, click here.
  • Reality TV is entertaining and voyeuristic, which is why we hate to love it so darned much

Important Links & Mentions from This Episode:

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