Episode 4 – Pokemon Go. Is it an alien plot to abduct our young?


Pokestop? Pokegym? Lures? If you’re scratching your head at these alien terms, fear not!

We young, hip, and edgy broadcasters are here, getting down and jiggy with the 411 of all things Pokemon Go. No-one can accuse us of being out of touch. Well, they can and they do but that has never stopped us!

In today’s episode, we round up two actual teenagers Daniel and Jonathan, schooling us on their experience, the basic rules and their personal brush with death for the sake of Pokemon Go. In addition, we have gaming, code-writing expert Gavin Conway and his opinion on the Pokemon/alien conspiracy, and marketing and communications manager of Pancake Parlour, Nicole and the commercial side of this gaming app.

So, tune in as we bring together the best of the best special guests to answer the pressing questions: Can you pick up women with Pokemon Go? Is it raising a generation of juvenile delinquents, prone to breaking and entering? When are the aliens going to abduct our young?

Tune in now!

Important Links & Mentions From This Episode:

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