Episode 3 – Hair: Is it Overrated?


Is random hair growth just another mystery of the universe?

We’re asking all the tough questions in this episode: Should I colour my chest hair? How much hair is too much? When is it time to get a back wax? Is no hair sexy?

We try answering these questions (and more) with the help of an experienced man-scaping expert, a legendary comedian, a past sufferer of hair loss and one possessor of a fine mane of long blonde locks.

Our special guests this episode include legendary comedian, George Smilovici and his personal relationship with ear hair; Maria Halasz, CEO of Cellmid and all round expert on hair loss treatment; Michael, self proclaimed man-scaping visionary; and regular guest Susan who regales us with her vast personal experience with blonde hair.

It’s a problem of the ages and as we lurch through our middle years, it continues to be a daily struggle. So, we’ve taken it head (and hair) on today.

Get to the root of the problem now by clicking play!

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

  • There’s nothing wrong with being follicle-y challenged – better a bald head than a comb over, we say.
  • No one can run from the threat of hair loss
  • If you’re wearing a toupee, and you think nobody knows, let us assure you; everybody knows

Important Links & Mentions from This Episode:

  • Maria’s hair loss product range, evolis

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