Episode 2 – Fat, Fabulous & Funny


Are you suffering from the battle of the bulge? Have you been called fat, ‘healthy’ or overweight by family and friends?

Fear not, friend – this is a non-judging space. We personally prefer the terms fat, fabulous and funny.

We’re sharing with you our personal weight stories and stories from our callers who share the ‘weight’ of this week’s issue on their shoulders and other parts further south.

Between a weight-loss guru, an official card carrying skinny person, and two self proclaimed ‘porkers’, you could say we’re professionals in the field of gastric sleeves, shrinking clothing, eating disorders and the futile battle with our very unkind shrinking clothes.

We have special guests Wayne Black, comedic magician speaking on his past struggles with weight; Lisa Potok, professional nutritionist who shares her thoughts on the perfect eating to exercise balance; and our special caller, Alex who bares all about his own weight insecurities.

Key Learning Points from this Week:

  • How you look and how you feel are usually related
  • A healthy diet (no Krispy Kreme!) and an active lifestyle is better than any quick fix in the gym
  • You don’t have to be anti-eating, but be anti-irresponsible eating

Thanks for listening!

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