Episode 1 – Is Generation Y killing the English language?


In our sophomore episode, we ponder the connection between the exponentially large Millennial generation, otherwise known as Gen Y, and the slow, torturous murder of the English language.

Coincidence? We think not.

It seems that every year new words are added to the vernacular. The trouble is, are we beginning to forget or mistakenly retire older words because our generation is not passing them on?

Tune in to hear our thoughts on “wordiness” and “verberage”, our literacy pet hates, and those “totes lame” millennials. With the addition of two special callers and their own personal pet peeves, do we have a show for you!

Hit it!

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

  • Irregardless is not a word, no matter what those youz say
  • Plethora is a great word and should be used more often
  • Teach your kids the distinction between a hyphen and ‘the dash’ on your keyboard; this may save their lives one day.

Thanks for listening!

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