Episode 8 (Part 2) – Middle Aged SEX!

Continuing on from Part 1, which by the way was our most EXPLOSIVE episode ever, we continue to probe the nooks and cranny’s of Middle Aged Sex.

Special return guests in this week’s episode are Bettina Arndt – Celebrity Sex Therapist and Author, Lawrence Jay from “Our Secret Spot” and expert on the current Swinger Lifestyle Scene.

Both of these expert guests were amazing last week but we only had time to cover a tiny piece of this amazing range of topics with each of them so we’ve brought them both back to cover off the extra bits.

Of course we’ll also hear from our regular, friend and genius comedian George Smilovici.

Do NOT miss this one (either) people.

For those interested in the web sites of our expert guests, you can see Bettina Arndt at http://www.bettinaarndt.com.au/

Aaaannnnd – Lawrence from Our Secret Spot at  http://www.oursecretspot.com.au/

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