Episode 9 – Why is everyone else on the road such a bad driver?


Why is every other driver on the road such a bad driver? Apart from us, of course; we’re wonderful drivers!

Are millennial P-Plate females automatically guilty?

Should Nanna be taken out from behind the wheel and put on the bus before she kills someone?

These and other pressing questions are addressed during this week’s episode about the state of play on our roads. Hear the stories of the outrageous things seen happening behind the wheel by Highway Patrol Cops and take a ride in Uncle Leon’s Taxi.

Special guests in this week’s episode include a wide range of opinions. Recognised driver-training expert and TV media personality Ian Luff probes the stats about how many collisions are attributed to the nut holding the wheel. Gen Y P-Plater Joanna gets in our face about the importance of minute by minute Facebook updates while driving. Uncle Leon takes us for a ride in his Sydney Taxi and Ex Highway Patrol Policeman turned Lawyer, Senior Constable Michael joins us with an arresting tale or two from the other side of the radar gun.

Tune in now.

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

  • Chihuahua’s on your lap in front of an air bag can vanish in a puff of pink dust if the air bag deploys.
  • Parents who can’t drive probably shouldn’t be the ones teaching their learner kids how to drive just as poorly.
  • Speeding down the freeway in 2 lanes at once  while drinking latte, applying makeup, eating cereal from a bowl, checking emails on an open laptop, watching Kardashians on Foxtel Go – ALL AT THE SAME TIME is not only POSSIBLE but it’s a daily occurrence on our peak-hour roads.

Thanks for listening!

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