Episode 10 – Ban the Bum Crack!


Full Version  (31 mins)

Is there a place in modern society for the Bum Crack? Is it a fashion statement or merely a wardrobe malfunction?

These and other pressing questions are addressed during this week’s episode about the state of the nation’s Buttock-Cleavage. Hear opinions from regular respected contributors and total strangers alike.

Special guests in this week’s episode include a wide range of opinions. Wayne regales us with  his introduction to bum cracks as part of the footy scrum. Michael points us towards the acceptable measure of crack on the female bum and we hit the streets of Sydney to gauge ordinary members of the public in our very first “Outside Broadcast”.

Tune in now.

  • Intro – 0.56
  • Wayne – 5.40
  • Taking it to the streets – 13.55
  • Michael – 23.50
  • Wind up – 30.00

And for the first time, by popular demand we’ve created the ‘In a Nutshell‘ version of this episode. If you want to hear a snapshot of what we talked about in the full episode, the In a Nutshell version is for you!


In a Nutshell Version (10 mins)

  • Intro – 0.18
  • Wayne – 1.21
  • Taking it to the streets – 3.38
  • Michael – 6.50
  • Wind up – 9.10

Essential Learning Points from this Episode:

  • A trim and well presented female bum crack should stay within 2 cm of exposed visibility.
  • Pretty much any overweight, hairy and unwanted bum crack is generally on display during domestic plumbing duties.
  • Vegetables are not immune from societal opinions in this matter.

Thanks for listening!

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