Episode 11 – The Time Machine Episode


If you could get in a time machine, go back to any moment in your youth and change one crucial decision, what would that be?

In this episode we explore regret, the sliding doors of our lives and the baggage we carry around in our mid-life. Special guests include… Greek Finance Minister Harry Diculous (Comedian Rodney Marks), Futurist & Author Mark McCrindle and Historian & Author David Hunt.

Elliot & Peter drag you (willing or not) into the past, into the future and into your baggage head-first. No – the upcoming lotto numbers are NOT revealed this time.

00:00 – Intro

13:45 – Greek Finance Minister Harry Diculous (Comedian Rodney Marks)

36:00 – Futurist & Author Mark McCrindle

51:40 – Historian & Author David Hunt

67:10 – Summary by Elliot & Peter. Thanks for listening!

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