Episode 12 – My smartphone is making me stupid


Do you find yourself in a flummoxed panic if you…

A/ Can’t find your Smartphone?
B/ Have less than 5% charge left?
C/ Have no wireless coverage?

Chiropractors are making a fortune because people’s heads are always down and the EPIDEMIC of people literally bumping into one another in the street is disturbing if not comical to watch.

In this episode Peter & Elliot explore the illness that is the over-reliance on smartphone technology. Of course your smartphone is the best device for listening to this show, and we support that.

So join us, and our special guests…

Intro with Peter & Elliot

4:55 We take it to the streets
10:40 Regular contributing guest Ron
22:40 An in-depth conversation with Siri
23:55 Regular contributing philosopher and resident paranoid Yogi
32:42 Conclusions and wrap up with Peter & Elliot

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