Episode 14 – Tattoos: I Just Don’t Get It


We know what you’re thinkin (thank you, Dirty Harry): Why on earth do all the young people get those ridiculous tattoos?


Well, as the outraged voice of those of us in our middle years we’re going to ask the same question. Sure, the answers we come up with may not be particularly satisfying or insightful but we have fun along the way.

As usual, we speak to a range of enlightened guests including:

  • Tim who tells us why he’d prefer to take a bullet than get a tatt
  • Maya, a tattoo artist from tattoora on the artistry and the emotion of getting a tattoo
  • Kelly, a professional psychologist who is still recovering after attempting to analyse your humble hosts
  • And then there’s David, the Show’s resident engineer and part-time philosopher. He covers all things tattoo related including Donald and Melania Trump, Eurovision fashions and how Ginger from Gilligan’s Island was a seminal influence on his life.

So listen, learn and then you can get inked!



Image source: http://emgn.com/entertainment/25-visual-tattoos-will-make-chuckle-chuck-lunch/

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