Focus Group Survey

You Could be Part of a New Radio Experience!

Surveys here are conducted by research group ELK & Sons Consolidated Pty Ltd and information is not published. Your personal information is completely confidential and is not shared with any unrelated marketing entities.

We’d love to know your opinion about a potential new radio show. The Mid Life Crisis Show , a well-established Podcast that’s currently only available online, is going to be offered to potential radio networks. Your honest opinions are vital in order to understand what potential listeners may or may not want to listen to.

Below you will see a link to play a 10 minute sampler of material from the show. Please listen to the whole sampler file before filling in the survey form underneath it. It’s really important for the accuracy of the survey that you listen to the whole sampler and answer each question as honestly and thoughtfully as possible. The whole process is estimated to take less than 13 minutes in total.

Thanks for your time!

Please fill in the following survey form as accurately as possible. All questions must be answered before clicking submit.